Online Movers value your belongings just as much as you do! For this reason, we use robust boxes along with thick furniture blankets to ensure your valuables remain protected during the move. To further safeguard your belongings, we encourage our clients to use proper moving supplies.

Contact Us to have one of our Moving Consultants assist you in getting your belongings packed and prepared properly and efficiently!

Here at Online Movers and Storage, we provide packing supplies as part of our services or offer them for sale to customers who prefer to pack their own belongings.

These moving supplies include:

  1. Boxes: We offer a variety of boxes in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different items. These boxes include standard cardboard boxes, dish packing boxes, wardrobe boxes, and specialty boxes for electronics, artwork, and fragile items.
  2. Packing Tape: Heavy-duty packing tape is used to seal boxes securely, ensuring your items don’t spill out during the move.
  3. Bubble Wrap: This product is used to wrap fragile items such as glassware, china, and electronics to protect them during transport.
  4. Packing Paper: This product is used to wrap items that are not fragile but need to be protected from scratches or dirt.
  5. Plastic Wrap: We will protect your furniture from scratches and dirt during transport with the use of plastic wrap.
  6. Labels & Markers: Don’t forget what is in your boxes or where they go by thoroughly labeling each box!
  7. Packing Peanuts: These are used to fill empty spaces in boxes to prevent items from shifting during transport.


As one of the best moving companies for residential and commercial purposes, we will provide a detailed list of packing supplies required for your move. Moreover, we offer expert advice on the ideal way to pack your belongings.


Small Boxes$5.00
Medium Boxes$5.00
Large Boxes$5.00
Lamp Boxes$5.00
Mattress (1/2)$15.00
3-Ply Tape$2.50
Plastic Covers$15.00
Mirror Pack$5.00
Double Wall Corrugated Sheets$15.00
Furniture Pad$25.00


Other Supplies1/32/31
Stretch Wrap$70.00$140.00$210.00
Corrugated Roll$100.00$200.00$300.00
Bubble Wrap$120.00$240.00$360.00
Foam In Rolls1 Piece $10$1 Per Foot



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What People Say About Us

Maria HillsMaria Hills
20:34 13 Sep 22
Ana is the best, she oversaw everything from start to finish and very very responsive. I’m amazed at how she’s always available regardless of what time I called…She’s very thorough and patient. And a shout out to the Operations Manager who came to the house to make sure everything goes well with the move. The 3 movers that was there were very professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
It’s never easy to find a good moving company. It’s almost impossible to find an amazing company. Well, Online Movers is it! I chose them because of their online reputation and they didn’t disappoint.Luis, Sergio, and Anthony did a fantastic job! I moved from Miami to Orlando and they were on time, got to Orlando even before I did, disassembled and reassembled everything, cleaned up, and everything was in perfect shape. I highly recommend them for all moving needs in or from South Florida! And to top it all off, there were no surprises with payment or hidden fees: I was charged what I was quoted.
D MikeD Mike
07:26 19 Aug 22
Darwin and his team were excellent! They covered all my furniture and took care to put everything in its place at the new house. I wont be using any other moving company from now on.Laura who was our contact from their office was also great. Thank you! I would highly recommend to anyone moving! Excellent job!
Johann AvenariusJohann Avenarius
16:17 19 Jul 22
Dionis and Carlos were fantastic! Extremely professional and hard working. They went above and beyond as our new apartment doesn't have elevators and we are on the 3rd floor!From start to finish they assisted in packing, breaking down furniture in our move out and setting everything back up on the move in.Laura who was our contact from their office was also great. Thank you! I would highly recommend to anyone moving! Excellent job!
Carolina IguinaCarolina Iguina
01:42 20 Jun 22
I’ve moved 3 times in Miami and this was BY FAR the best experience we’ve had. Great prices, quick quotes and always kept contact. The movers were very professional, punctual, and handled our things as if they were theirs. Everything was placed where we asked. Very pleased with the experience, actually surprised because we’ve always had an issue with moving companies before, and would definitely use them in the future.
19:04 27 Apr 22
The movers were fantastic; fast and punctual. They had told me that they would be there at 9:30am and were there at 9:20, ready to go! They wrapped, secured and took very good care of every piece of furniture. I have no negative feedback to give the team who took care of my belongings.
Cristina FigarolaCristina Figarola
12:22 21 Apr 22
Timely, professional, efficient, and polite. They are fair priced and accommodating. Highly recommend them. Best of all, they are insured and have workers compensation which is crucial for communities with HOA’s. When they completed the job, they properly picked up everything . Wonderful experience!
Lesley Tai CaoLesley Tai Cao
15:54 15 Apr 22
Very thankful for the service provided from Online Movers, from booking the pick-up to finalizing the job. Everything went super smooth! Also want to thank Jose, Roberto and John, they were extremely efficient and careful with the moving. Will definitely contact them again if needed!
Emmanuelle PereiraEmmanuelle Pereira
20:57 06 Apr 22
I was dreading my move so much and we cannot thank Online Movers enough for such a smooth process, they truly took off so much weight off our shoulders. The crew took care of our things and made the move in a timely manner and the best part was that we did not even have to pack anything ourselves, they do it for you!Thank you online movers, will absolutely use again!
Teresa BabooramTeresa Babooram
14:42 06 Mar 22
I will definitely use them in the future. They are punctual, you can text Or call at anytime. If its after normal business hours they respond first thing in the morning. Very nice people and fair pricing!