Find answers to your questions or concerns in our FAQ section below. You'll also see some moving tips you can apply on your next move!
How far in advance should I schedule my move?

The earlier the better! 2-4 weeks is what we usually prefer, but if you plan on moving during our peak times which is summer, end of the month or a weekend, please call us 4-6 weeks before your planned date.

Do Ineed an estimate

We usually can give you a pretty accurate quote over the phone based on the information and inventory you provide. We do suggest an on-site estimate if you have a larger home (4+ bedrooms), commercial move (office space) or any unusual items (pool table, piano, hot tubs ect.) Estimates are non-biding and free of charge.

When should I hire a moving company?

To make sure you’ll be able to hire the best movers and to get the best price, hire a moving company at least a few months in advance.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and cash. No personal checks unless previously agreed on.

Online Movers & Storage serves South Florida (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach) for decades. Our years of experience led us to come up with these tips that will surely help you on your next move.
packing bedding, blankets and pillows


Place bedding in large boxes or garbage bags that are clean and secure. Light articles such as blankets or pillows may be put into furniture drawers.

bedroom sets and furniture


Box springs and mattresses may be placed into mattress covers or cartons. OMS will dismantle your beds, place them on furniture blankets inside the truck.

packing and moving your fine china


Wrap china and all fragile objects in wrapping paper individually, preferably using small boxes, or dish pack boxes. Large plates and heavy items should be placed in the bottom of the box; smaller items, such as glasses and saucers should be placed on top. Do not over pack each box, or place items above the edge of the box.

moving books and study materials

Books and Magazines

Books should be packed into small, book cartons, and secured with packing tape. Wrap valuable books individually. DO NOT pack books in furniture drawers as the extra weight could damage your furniture. Pack canned goods in small, sturdy boxes. Do not over pack. Boxes should not weigh over 50 lbs.

delicate clocks and antique items


Pendulums on clocks should be removed or secured tightly to the base of the clock. Small clocks may be wrapped and placed in boxes.



OMS will not be liable for damage caused by food spilling on other items. Perishable food should never be stored or shipped.

moving fish tanks and animals

Fish Tanks / Aquarium

OMS does not insure fish tanks or aquariums. If you would like us. to take them regardless, they must be emptied of water, stones, or any other debris.

refrigerators and appliances


Defrost and thoroughly dry your refrigerator before moving. This is very important. The doors should be left open several hours to air after defrosting. All trays, shelves, and removable parts should be removed and wrapped separately. All perishable food must be removed as well, and can be placed into a cooler with ice to preserve.

packing clothing


Wardrobe boxes are provided by OMS for an extra charge and are used to transport hanging clothes from your closet. Wardrobes will hold approximately 25 hangers depending upon the size of your garments. This is the best way to transport hanging clothes as they will be transported to you clean and wrinkle-free. Other clothing should be placed in medium to large boxes, suitcases, trunks, or left in dresser drawers.

moving glass tops and delicate furniture

Glass Tops to Furniture

For long-distance moves it is a good idea to have these items crated. For local moves they will be wrapped in furniture blankets and placed safely in the truck.

grandfather clocks and antiques

Grandfather Clocks

Remove chimes. Secure weight chains tightly against the back of the clock with wire or strong string and remove weights and pendulums. If uncomfortable packing yourself, OMS will pack it safely for you.

piano movers in south florida


OMS uses specialized piano moving equipment to move any size piano. Each piano is moved differently according to the type, weight, and flights of stairs involved. OMS charges additionally for this service.

packing and moving computers and small electronics

Computers / Copiers

OMS does not insure computers, copiers, or any other computer-related items unless they are listed as additional insured. Because of the fragility of these items, it is impossible to assure that they will work the same as before transportation simply due to the bouncing of the items in the truck. It is best to take these items in your car ahead of time. Copiers will be wrapped with furniture blankets and shrink wrap to ensure extra safety.

packing kitchen appliances and utensils

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils should be placed in small boxes, or dish pack boxes. Durable, heavy pieces placed on the bottom, and light ones on top. All of the items should be wrapped in paper, or towels, to prevent scratching. Toasters, irons, waffle irons, mixers, etc., may be wrapped individually and placed in medium-sized cartons with other kitchen utensils. Once again, place heavier items on the bottom; lighter items on top.

move your yard equipment like mowers and trimmers

Mowers / Gasoline Powered Tools

Gas tanks should be drained and all reservoirs emptied. No flammable mixtures or articles may be transported by public carriers.

moving rugs and carpets


It is not necessary to remove rugs from the floors. OMS will do this for you. If you are going to be storing rugs or carpets, it is a good idea to have them cleaned beforehand.

secure moving


Legal documents, important papers, jewelry, and currency should be handled by you personally. Keep them in your immediate possession. OMS is not liable for these items.

move tv's and electronics

Television Sets

All television sets should be moved in their original boxes whenever possible. If the original boxes have been discarded, then OMS will wrap the televisions in furniture blankets. Widescreen televisions will be wrapped in furniture blankets, and shrink wrapped to ensure safety.

move sound equipment

Stereos / VCR / DVD / Bluray

All stereo components should be placed in their original boxes whenever possible. If the original boxes have been discarded, components can be either placed in medium, or large boxes, or wrapped in furniture blankets. If placed in boxes make sure that there is padding in between each component.

picture packing and moving

Paintings and Pictures

Small pictures may be wrapped individually and placed in medium/large boxes. Large and valuable pictures and paintings must be wrapped in furniture blankets, placed in mirror cartons, or crated for moving. OMS will not be liable for paintings of exceptional value unless they are listed as additionally insured.

closet packing

Particle Board Furniture

OMS does not insure unstable particle board furniture due to its breakability. Particle board was not built to be moved: only kept in place. The only way to ensure it being delivered safely to your new home is to disassemble it in its entirety, and reassemble it again once you arrive.

we move plants


OMS does not insure plants and their containers, and suggests that they should be handled personally by the owner. OMS occasionally will move large plants/pots but will assume no responsibility to any damage that might occur to them.

inventory and tracking for your move


Pack records on end, side by side, to provide the greatest resistance to weight pressure. Use sturdy, small boxes only.

premium moving and storage services


Keep valuables and jewelry in your immediate possession. OMS is not liable for jewelry.

clean and organized

Washer / Dryer

Washers must be disconnected ahead of time. Also, it is best to run the washing machine for a full cycle without any clothes to ensure all of the water has been emptied. OMS is not liable for any water that leaks onto the truck and onto your furniture. Gas dryers must be connected ahead of time as OMS does not touch anything gas-relate.

furniture moving

Lamps and Mirrors

Remove ornamental tops from table lamps, and place in a large box. Floor lamps and table lamps which cannot be boxed will be wrapped in furniture blankets and taken as is. Lamp shades Wrap in white clear tissue paper only and place in medium/large box marked “fragile.” Do not use newsprint on any lamp shade that may be marked.

Luis and team were puntual and professional. They made the moving process extremely easy. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thank you for everything!
Marielis L.
03:39 19 Jan 22
The most trusted moving company! Extremely fast, yet gentle with wrapping and packing! Respectful and very professional.I highly recommend their services and would be using them again!THANKS FOR MAKING THIS MOVE STRESS-FREE!
Seaside Hallandale Beach Senior L.
14:15 17 Jan 22
Amazing service and had all of the required materials for the job. Friendly and accommodating staff. Would highly recommend.
23:18 16 Jan 22
The movers were very nice and very fast and made the entire process of moving so much easier and stress free!
Anna R.
14:44 07 Jan 22
Excelente servicio y amabilidad.
Luis A.
16:01 03 Jan 22
Ana was very courteous and professional on the phone and provide us with an estimate very quickly. They do the moving the same day in a very careful and efficient way. Luis Miguel handle very properly.
cesar S.
01:26 01 Jan 22
Eficiencia, profesionalismo y actitud propositiva, son las caracteristicas que mas impresionan!!
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María D.
23:09 02 Nov 21
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Ana Milena L.
21:58 02 Nov 21
If your anything like me you propably find moving very dreadful I was looking for a company that would make my families life easier throughout this whole process and handle my personal items as their own. All our valuables were handled with care and all my wife and I had to do was point to where we wanted our items placed. I am extremely happy with their service and would definitely recommend them to anyone that can relate... THANK YOU GUYS
Oscar H.
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Simply the best moving company, easy scheduling and best prices. They take care of your items like if it was theirs. Truly recommend this moving company for anyone looking for an efficient and professional job done in time.
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02:31 26 Oct 21
Best experience ever - effortless moving for me - I literally focus only on taking my Dog with me - the movers got everything ready - I packed during the weekend and labeled all boxes and then came early morning to protect my other furniture and ready to move everything!!Great experience totally recommended
Brenda G.
15:14 04 Oct 21
Outstanding job! They are really careful to pack everything. Very happy with the service provided.
Vautier G.
13:09 04 Oct 21
Increíble servicio, siempre dispuestos a ayudar. Todos están super atentos a todo y se encargan de dar la milla extra! Desde el servicio de venta hasta el servicio de post venta!
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They were very professional, on time! Everything was done on perfect timing like I wanted in one day. I highly recommend Online Movers. I am also doing storage and honestly I am happy because I get to keep the lock of my furniture so I know everything is safe.
Coexist V.
20:49 14 Sep 21
They were professional, on time, great attitude. It was the best moving experience we have had. Would recommend them highly!!! Awesome experience!!!
Vivian C
18:54 26 Aug 21
The movers were on time, friendly and professional. The move was super quick and efficient! Definitely would use them again!
Helen M
13:00 22 Aug 21
I have had the pleasure of doing Business with Sandy, from Online Movers for years. Sandy is they ultimate professional they are the Best in Florida, trust me I know I'm in the Moving Business in BostonEddie Owens
Eddie O.
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