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Welcome to Online Movers and Storage

Navigating the landscapes of South Florida for over 25 years, we are your trusted partners in moving and storage solutions. Our commitment to excellence, showcased by our 5-star Google rating, speaks of our dedication to ensuring a seamless transition for your belongings.

From meticulous moving strategies to state-of-the-art, cloud-based inventory storage management, we promise efficiency, safety, and peace of mind.

Whether relocating your home or business, or seeking secure storage, experience a journey as smooth as the Florida breeze with Online Movers and Storage. Incorporating modernized cloud-based inventory management, we also offer state-of-the-art short and long-term storage solutions.

At Online Movers and Storage, we don’t merely move – we deliver promises. Entrust us for a superior moving journey in South Florida, Welcome to unparalleled expertise.

Maria HillsMaria Hills
20:34 13 Sep 22
Ana is the best, she oversaw everything from start to finish and very very responsive. I’m amazed at how she’s always available regardless of what time I called…She’s very thorough and patient. And a shout out to the Operations Manager who came to the house to make sure everything goes well with the move. The 3 movers that was there were very professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
It’s never easy to find a good moving company. It’s almost impossible to find an amazing company. Well, Online Movers is it! I chose them because of their online reputation and they didn’t disappoint.Luis, Sergio, and Anthony did a fantastic job! I moved from Miami to Orlando and they were on time, got to Orlando even before I did, disassembled and reassembled everything, cleaned up, and everything was in perfect shape. I highly recommend them for all moving needs in or from South Florida! And to top it all off, there were no surprises with payment or hidden fees: I was charged what I was quoted.
D MikeD Mike
07:26 19 Aug 22
Darwin and his team were excellent! They covered all my furniture and took care to put everything in its place at the new house. I wont be using any other moving company from now on.Laura who was our contact from their office was also great. Thank you! I would highly recommend to anyone moving! Excellent job!
Johann AvenariusJohann Avenarius
16:17 19 Jul 22
Dionis and Carlos were fantastic! Extremely professional and hard working. They went above and beyond as our new apartment doesn't have elevators and we are on the 3rd floor!From start to finish they assisted in packing, breaking down furniture in our move out and setting everything back up on the move in.Laura who was our contact from their office was also great. Thank you! I would highly recommend to anyone moving! Excellent job!
Carolina IguinaCarolina Iguina
01:42 20 Jun 22
I’ve moved 3 times in Miami and this was BY FAR the best experience we’ve had. Great prices, quick quotes and always kept contact. The movers were very professional, punctual, and handled our things as if they were theirs. Everything was placed where we asked. Very pleased with the experience, actually surprised because we’ve always had an issue with moving companies before, and would definitely use them in the future.
19:04 27 Apr 22
The movers were fantastic; fast and punctual. They had told me that they would be there at 9:30am and were there at 9:20, ready to go! They wrapped, secured and took very good care of every piece of furniture. I have no negative feedback to give the team who took care of my belongings.
Cristina FigarolaCristina Figarola
12:22 21 Apr 22
Timely, professional, efficient, and polite. They are fair priced and accommodating. Highly recommend them. Best of all, they are insured and have workers compensation which is crucial for communities with HOA’s. When they completed the job, they properly picked up everything . Wonderful experience!
Lesley Tai CaoLesley Tai Cao
15:54 15 Apr 22
Very thankful for the service provided from Online Movers, from booking the pick-up to finalizing the job. Everything went super smooth! Also want to thank Jose, Roberto and John, they were extremely efficient and careful with the moving. Will definitely contact them again if needed!
Emmanuelle PereiraEmmanuelle Pereira
20:57 06 Apr 22
I was dreading my move so much and we cannot thank Online Movers enough for such a smooth process, they truly took off so much weight off our shoulders. The crew took care of our things and made the move in a timely manner and the best part was that we did not even have to pack anything ourselves, they do it for you!Thank you online movers, will absolutely use again!
Teresa BabooramTeresa Babooram
14:42 06 Mar 22
I will definitely use them in the future. They are punctual, you can text Or call at anytime. If its after normal business hours they respond first thing in the morning. Very nice people and fair pricing!

Your STEPS for "Effortless Booking, Seamless Moving"

Pre-Move Consultation

We begin by understanding your moving needs in detail. This includes evaluating the items to be moved, identifying any special requirements, and discussing your preferred timelines. Our team will work closely with you to develop a tailored moving plan that suits your unique needs, helping to alleviate any concerns you might have about the move.

Efficient Execution

On the day of the move, our professional moving team arrives on time and gets to work. We carefully pack your belongings using high-quality packing materials, ensuring each item's safety during transit. We then efficiently load the items onto our trucks, always respecting your property and treating your belongings as if they were our own.

Post-Move Support

Upon arriving at your new home, we carefully unload, unpack, and set up your items. Our additional services include Moving Crates, VIP Protection, Insurance, TV & Picture Mounting, Cleaning, Wood Crating, Packing, Utility Setup, Storage, and Junk Disposal. Our commitment extends beyond the move, ensuring you're completely settled and satisfied.


() Flat Rate Service Options

Our 'Pay as You Go' hourly service is perfect for those seeking flexibility and control over their moving expenses. Ideal for small moves or for those who prefer to manage some aspects of the move themselves.

Plan your move with our flexible, hourly service. Get in touch now for a tailored moving experience! Check it out

'Get it Done' caters to those who prefer a mix of DIY and professional help. Perfect for customers who want to pack personal items themselves but need assistance with heavier or more complex items.

Mix DIY with professional help. Contact us for your Partial Packing needs! Continue reading

Our 'We Handle it for You' service is the pinnacle of moving convenience. This all-inclusive package is designed for those who want a completely hands-off moving experience.

Experience the ultimate ease of moving. Book our Full Packing service today! Ver más

Our 'No Worries at All' package offers a luxurious moving experience. It's tailored for those who demand the highest level of service and care, handling everything from packing to placement in your new home.

Indulge in a stress-free, luxury moving experience. Contact us for our White Glove Service! See more details

'Don't Lift a Finger' is our most exclusive package, offering an unparalleled moving experience. It's designed for those who expect nothing but the best, covering every aspect of your move and more.

Elevate your moving experience to the highest level. Opt for our 'Don’t Lift a Finger' package now! Discover more

Choose Yours
  •    Door to door Profesional & trained Movers
    Ensures a seamless and stress-free moving experience from start to finish with skilled professionals handling every aspect.
  •    Furniture Wrapping
    Protects furniture from damage during transit, giving customers peace of mind about the safety of their belongings.
  •    Disasembly and reassembly of large furniture
    Saves time and hassle for the customer, especially for complex items, ensuring everything is set up in the new home.
  •    Loading & Unloading labor
    Reduces physical strain and risk of injury to customers, providing a more efficient and safer moving process.
  •    State of the Art trucks & Moving Equipments
    Our fleet, a blend of state-of-the-art trucks and cutting-edge moving equipment, encapsulates the pinnacle of moving technology.
  •    Basic insurance Valuation coverage ($0.60 per lb)
    Offers a basic level of protection for belongings, giving customers a sense of security.
  •    Dedicated Moving Consultant
    Provides personalized service, ensuring all customer needs and concerns are addressed promptly.
  •    Eco-Friendly Packing Supplies
    Appeals to environmentally conscious customers, reducing the environmental impact of their move.
  •    Delivery of packing supplies in advance
    Allows customers to prepare and pack at their own pace, leading to a more organized move.
  •    Packing Labor of All Household Goods
    Saves customers time and effort, ensuring all items, including delicate and breakable ones, are professionally packed.
  •    Unpacking labor
    Helps customers settle into their new home quicker and more efficiently, reducing post-move stress.
  •    Debris Removal
    Offers a clean and clutter-free space after unpacking, enhancing customer convenience and comfort.
  •    Home Organizing
    Assists in creating a functional and organized living space, making the transition into a new home smoother.
  •    VIP Protection Plan (up to $10.000 in claims) "OPTIONAL"
    Coverage and Assurance: With up to $10,000 in claims, our VIP Protection Plan ensures that in the rare instance an unforeseen mishap occurs, you have a robust safety net. Priced at just $495 with a deductible of $1,500, this plan represents a small investment in exchange for significant protection. Consider it a proactive approach to safeguarding your valued belongings.

Pay as you go

  • Charge by hour
  • Charge by hour
  • Charge by hour
  • Charge by hour
  • Additional charge
  • Additional charge
  • $85 - $135 Upon request
  • Charge by hour
  • Charge by hour
  • Charge by hour
  • Request price
  • $495 > optional

Get it done

  • $85 - $135 upon request
  • Request price
  • $495 > optional

We handle it for you

  • Request price
  • $495 > optional

No worries at all

  • Request price
  • $495 > optional

Don't lift a finger

Servicios adicionales
  •    Moving Crates for Rent (up to 10 days)
    Provides sturdy and secure packing options, ideal for customers needing temporary storage solutions.
  •     VIP Protection Plan (up to $10.000 in claims)
    Offers enhanced peace of mind with higher coverage for valuable items.
  •    Full value replacement Insurance coverage
    Guarantees comprehensive protection, ensuring customers are fully compensated in the event of any damage.
  •    Tv's and picture Unmounting & Mounting
    Saves time and prevents potential damage, especially for high-value electronics and artworks.
  •    Cleaning
    Offers a turnkey solution for customers, leaving their old or new home spotless.
  •    Wood Crating
    Provides extra protection for high-value or fragile items during the move.
  •    Packing for export
    Ensures international moving standards are met, ideal for customers relocating abroad.
  •    Home utlity services set up (concierge)
    Eases the transition to a new home by handling utility connections, saving customers time and effort.
  •    Short and long term Storage
    Offers flexible storage solutions, accommodating various customer needs for space and duration.
  •    Junk and furniture dumping
    Helps declutter and dispose of unwanted items, simplifying the moving process.
  •    Piano Moving labor
    Ensures the safe transport of valuable and delicate musical instruments.

These services need to be requested and booked in advance.
  • $8 each
  • $495
  • Request price
  • Request price
  • Request price
  • Request price
  • Request price
  • Request price
  • Request price
  • Request price
  • Request price

Trust in Online Movers & Storage for Your Moving Needs

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Online Movers FAQs

Encontrar las mejores empresas de mudanzas para sus necesidades puede ser una tarea desalentadora. Sin embargo, con un poco de investigación y diligencia debida, puede encontrar un profesional experimentado que sea localmente confiable y experimentado en la prestación de servicios de calidad.

Comience preguntando a familiares o amigos que se hayan mudado recientemente si conocen alguna empresa recomendada en la zona. Si no puede obtener referencias de quienes están cerca de usted, no se preocupe. Hay muchas otras fuentes para encontrar mudanzas de primera categoría.

Asegúrate de que la empresa de mudanzas que elijas tenga las calificaciones y la experiencia necesarias antes de confiarles tus pertenencias. Asegúrate de que tengan números de licencia comercial válidos y contacta a las agencias locales de protección al consumidor como Better Business Bureau (BBB) para verificar su calificación e historial. Pregunta en sitios como Angie’s List, Yelp!, Google Reviews o foros en línea específicos para empresas de mudanzas donde la gente suele dejar reseñas sobre sus experiencias con varios negocios.

¡Gracias especiales a Ottawa Piano Movers por compartir esta información con nosotros!

Cuando se trata de mudarse, la contratación de profesionales puede ayudar a garantizar un proceso más fluido y eficiente. Los transportistas profesionales tienen la experiencia y los conocimientos necesarios para ayudarlo a moverse de manera rápida, eficiente y segura. También traen equipo especializado que hace que cargar y descargar sus pertenencias sea más fácil que hacerlo solo.

Los profesionales pueden proporcionar tranquilidad adicional al moverse porque saben cómo proteger sus artículos de daños mientras están en tránsito. También entienden cómo empaquetar adecuadamente los artículos frágiles para que no se rompan durante su viaje. Además, con ayuda profesional, hay menos riesgo de lesiones para usted o cualquier otra persona que lo ayude con el aspecto físico de la mudanza, ya que los profesionales lo han hecho muchas veces antes, ¡lo que los hace mucho mejor equipados para el trabajo!

Dado que los profesionales de mudanzas tienen experiencia en lo que hacen, a menudo completan movimientos mucho más rápido que aquellos que lo hacen por su cuenta. Además, tener un experto que se encargue de todo, desde empacar sus pertenencias de forma segura hasta navegar por pasillos y escaleras estrechas, hará que todo el proceso sea más fácil para todos los involucrados, ¡incluido usted mismo!

Si tienes muebles o basura que no deseas mover, la mejor solución es contratar un servicio profesional de eliminación de basura. Tener un equipo experimentado que venga y deseche tus artículos no deseados de manera rápida y eficiente puede ahorrarte tiempo, dinero y problemas. Las empresas profesionales podrán retirar los artículos de cualquier ubicación en tu propiedad y asegurarse de que se eliminen adecuadamente de acuerdo con las leyes y regulaciones locales. Además, muchos servicios de eliminación de basura ofrecen servicios especiales de eliminación para materiales peligrosos como latas de pintura o tejas de asbesto. Contratar a un equipo profesional podría agregar valor a tu proyecto al garantizar que se complete de manera segura y efectiva mientras brinda tranquilidad sabiendo que se manejó correctamente.

¡Muchas gracias a Stand Up Guys Junk Removal por compartir esta información sobre la eliminación de basura con nosotros!

Contratar a una empresa de mudanzas local en lugar de una empresa nacional es una decisión increíblemente inteligente para cualquier persona que busque mudarse. Los mudanceros locales conocen mejor la zona circundante y a menudo tienen un mejor conocimiento de las mejores rutas para tomar desde los lugares A hasta B para minimizar los costos y los tiempos de entrega. Además, los mudanceros locales suelen ser más profesionales y experimentados que sus contrapartes nacionales, ya que estas empresas saben exactamente lo importante que es la satisfacción del cliente para los negocios repetidos. Los mudanceros locales también podrán proporcionar servicios personalizados adaptados a tus necesidades específicas. Pueden ofrecer soluciones que cualquier mudancero nacional dado pasaría por alto o no reconocería debido a su falta de experiencia en el área. Además, contratar empresas locales te garantiza mejores canales de comunicación con tu equipo de profesionales ya que siempre tendrás a alguien cerca que pueda responder preguntas de manera oportuna. Por último, al apoyar un negocio de propiedad local, ayudas a estimular tu economía local lo cual tiene un impacto en todos.

¡Gracias a los Movers de Ardie por compartir esto con nosotros!

Contratar a profesionales para ayudarlo a mover muebles puede ser una decisión extremadamente beneficiosa. Los profesionales tienen experiencia en mover piezas grandes y pesadas de manera segura y eficiente dentro y fuera de una variedad de ubicaciones diferentes. Tienen el equipo adecuado para asegurar los artículos para el transporte y pueden garantizar que no se dañen los pisos o las paredes en el proceso. Además, como profesionales, tienen experiencia en organizar los muebles dentro de un espacio para que se coloquen en su configuración óptima para su estética deseada.

Los profesionales del traslado de muebles también le ahorrarán tiempo en comparación con intentar hacer el trabajo por su cuenta. Sin acceso a herramientas o técnicas especiales, hacerlo puede causar más daño que bien al dañar los artículos al intentar moverlos sin suficiente soporte o protección. Un equipo de profesionales hará el trabajo rápidamente y de manera efectiva, dejándolo con menos estrés y tiempo adicional en sus manos.

¡Muchas gracias a Elizabeth Shepard Realty por compartir esta valiosa información sobre mudanza de muebles con nosotros!

Cuando buscas mudanzas confiables en Miami, vale la pena hacer tu investigación. Lo bueno de las empresas de mudanza es que hay tantas opciones disponibles que es más fácil encontrar una que satisfaga tus necesidades específicas.

En primer lugar, debe buscar mudanzas profesionales que hayan estado en el negocio durante mucho tiempo. Idealmente, deberían tener al menos cinco años de experiencia brindando servicios en Miami o en los alrededores. Pregúnteles cuáles son sus especialidades y dónde han trabajado antes; busque un portafolio impresionante y buenas críticas de clientes que hablen bien de su profesionalismo y experiencia.

Una vez que haya reducido la lista, asegúrese de verificar la cobertura de seguro de cada empresa de mudanzas para garantizar que sus artículos estén cubiertos contra daños o pérdidas durante el transporte. Además, considere verificar con organizaciones locales de protección al consumidor como Better Business Bureau (BBB): esto le dará tranquilidad sabiendo que cualquier queja recibida contra ellos ya se ha resuelto satisfactoriamente.

Hiring a storage service has numerous advantages. For one, it can provide a great degree of convenience and flexibility for customers. Most storage facilities offer access to units 24/7, meaning you can drop off or pick up items at any time of day or night without having to adjust your schedule. Additionally, many services have provided security staff on site so that you never have to worry about the safety or security of stored items.

Another advantage is that storage services typically don’t require long-term commitments from their customers. Most allow month-to-month, pay-as-you-go contracts with no hidden fees or additional costs attached. This makes them ideal for those who need short-term solutions for storing their belongings and don’t want to be locked into a long contract with extra costs associated with it.

Yes, you should consider hiring office movers for your business. Moving offices is a complex process that requires careful preparation and planning. Many businesses attempt this job on their own only to find they are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task - resulting in costly delays and interruptions as well as damage to equipment or property. Hiring professional office movers can save your business time, money and resources while ensuring a successful move with minimal downtime.

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