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What to Wear When Moving - Comfort and Safety First

The awaited moment has arrived, the day of the move. The work of moving can be excessively tiring, especially if you do not wear the right clothes that will prevent you from working efficiently, that is why making a good choice of what to wear is important so that you can cope with all that work more satisfying and comfortable as possible.

As we always recommend, a move requires a great degree of planning, which is why before packing all the clothes for the move, you have to choose a suitable outfit to wear that day, all framed in your comfort and the long day what awaits you and for which we give you the following recommendations.


With all your things packed, and out of their usual place, it is not convenient to walk with your feet partially uncovered, because it increases the risk of hurting yourself by tripping over a box, cutting yourself on a sharp object or having a heavy object fall on your foot, for this reason it is recommended that you choose closed and flat shoes, and that also have anti-slip soles, that are elastic and that cover at least up to the ankles.

It is also very important that it be the most comfortable you have, since the moving day could be excessively long and spend long periods of time standing or walking, with this in mind, we recommend the use of sports shoes as the best option to use.


It is a day where it will constantly move around the house, so you should choose something that you already know is comfortable. Some people like to wear their workout gear, while others may prefer jeans and a T-shirt.

Whatever the case may be, choose pants that are flexible, allow you to bend your knees easily, and have a wide range of motion, since you will likely need to lift objects and bend down and get up frequently.

It is also recommended to wear clothes that are a little tight to the body, but if your style is to wear clothes that are a little looser, consider that these clothes are prone to accidentally being caught on something.

Also, choose clothes that are comfortable but that you do not mind damaging, or perhaps old clothes, as they are likely to get dirty and even tear throughout the day.


Always thinking ahead, we recommend checking the weather forecast a day or two before the move to know what clothes to have available for that day.

Moving work can be very physically demanding, so be prepared to sweat and wear clothing that can be removed in layers, depending on how hot or cold you feel during the job.

Use your common sense: if it is raining or it is too cold, wear a coat, and if it is sunny and hot, wear clothing made of breathable fabric to avoid overheating or excessive sweating, in the latter case, and if we choose a piece of clothing that leaves our skin exposed, use a suitable sunscreen to prevent skin lesions, also sunglasses and a hat can also be of great help in sunny climates.


You are already moving, and you need to keep those important items nearby, like your keys, cell phone, and wallet. In addition, a multi-pocket outfit will help you have some of the basic tools you might need during a moving eventuality, like a screwdriver, tape measure, and flashlight.

We also recommend that the pockets have zippers or closures, to prevent objects inside them from falling out or being caught with other objects.


This is advice that works for both men and women who have long hair, wear your hair up with a scarf or bandana, it does not just hold your hair out of your face or it could get tangled with something if you have it long enough, but it also collects your sweat and keeps your head warm if it is cold, apart from completing that “moving look” from head to toe.


During the moving day, it is better not to wear any pieces of jewelry, such as loose bracelets or necklaces, large rings or long earrings, since these can be quite troublesome and uncomfortable during the move, in addition to being able to be caught on certain objects.

The most important asset to mobilize during the move is you, for this reason, and by following these recommendations, you will be able to reach your new destination without suffering any unnecessary mishap and you will remember the day of your move as one of the most pleasant days of your life.

Finally, to make your move more comfortable, we recommend you use our moving service and leave all the work in professional hands. For this, you can contact us at (305) 5633803 or, Online Movers & Storage will be ready to help you.

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