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A good moving and storage service can help you avoid the stress of a move. They can store your belongings for you and then transport them to your new home. They also offer packing services.

Each UNITS location is independently owned and operated, allowing for more personalized service. This includes a dedicated agent for each client. See our home page.

Short-term storage

Short-term storage is a great option for people who need to store their items for a brief period, such as those who have sold their homes and are waiting to find another one. It’s typically possible to rent a temporary storage unit for only a few weeks, but most warehouses also offer month-to-month leases.

Usually, short-term storage requires less effort and protection than long-term storage. For instance, there’s usually no need for specialized coverings or treatments, although electronics should be protected from extreme cold and heat temperatures.

If you’re moving and need to store your belongings temporarily, ask your mover if they offer storage in transit (SIT). This option allows you to offload your items at your old house before the move, and then reload them at your new home. This is a cost-effective solution, and it can save you the hassle of hiring movers both ways. It’s also a good option for vacation rental property owners who need to store their items while they are between tenants.

Long-term storage

Long-term storage is an option for people who need to store their belongings while moving or making a transition. This type of storage can be for any length of time and can include items such as furniture, clothes, heirlooms, and mementos. It can also be a great option for homeowners who are selling their homes and need to clear out some items to better market them.

Many movers offer long-term storage services as part of their overall move packages, which makes it easier to coordinate your relocation and minimize the amount of time your belongings are out of reach. However, if you are moving to an area outside the company’s delivery service area, it may be necessary to choose a separate storage option. Similarly, warehouse-only companies such as PODS provide a storage solution but do not offer white-glove packing and shipping services. This can make the process more difficult, especially for oversized equipment like project cars and campers.


Storage-in-transit is a service provided by moving and storage companies that holds your items in their warehouse pending further transportation at a later date. This option is perfect for homeowners who need to wait for a closing date or resolution of construction-related issues before settling into their new home. This type of temporary storage can also be useful if you are trying to sell your old house before buying a new one.

Sometimes, even after meticulously planning a move, unexpected roadblocks arise that prevent the shipment from reaching its destination. Rather than hiring a self-storage facility or relocating to temporary housing, you can use storage-in-transit options from reputable moving companies to stow away your belongings until you are ready to accept delivery of them. This can cut down on the number of times your items are handled and help you minimize waste. In addition, storage-in-transit can help you save time and money and reduce the stress of moving.

Final delivery

The final delivery date is the last date specified in a Purchase Order for the Delivery of Goods or, where there are multiple Delivery dates, the date specified for the Delivery of the last lot of goods. The best moving and storage companies offer secure, convenient warehouses and storage facilities to ensure a seamless delivery experience for their clients. They also prioritize punctuality and reliability to provide excellent customer service. These companies are focused on leveraging technology to deliver premium moving services at affordable prices. They can handle local, long-distance, and international moves. They also offer packing and assembly services. Best Price Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company that provides complete relocation and storage services to residents of the Midwest. Browse the next article.