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Useful Tips for Moving House with Children

The first thing you have to know is that if you are going to face a move with the little ones of the house, it is important that you know how to handle the situation calmly. For this reason, we want to show you a series of useful tips for moving house with children that could make the process easier and help you.

A move is certainly not just any change in the life of a family; it is often traumatic because it involves emotions, attachments, confusion, chaos and disorganization. However, it does not have to be that way.

Obviously, we do not want this to be a reason to give up moving or changing, as they can be more beneficial than you think.

For a child, a simple change of room can turn his world upside down. Now can you imagine what a change of neighborhood or school would be like?

These are some points that you should take into account, and as a parent take an open and positive attitude to transmit confidence at all times.

Starting by assembling boxes, choosing objects, keeping some things or getting rid of others are decisions that you will have to make so that the mission is carried out and thus be able to make a smooth move with the children.

Checklist: Helpful tips to make moving easier for your kids.


1. Be patient and empathic with your children

The role that parents have regardless of the behavior of the child is to be patient and empathetic. For this reason, we must take into account when children become attached to material things, such as pillows, stuffed animals or a special toy.

The environment or home is also another factor. We want to advise you to have a special space for him/her and immediately establish routines so that they do not feel lost.

In case you perceive that there are alterations in sleep or mood patterns, even appetite, we suggest that you empathize with your needs.


2. Changes are better one at a time

When important changes occur in the family, such as a move, for example, it is advisable to do things one by one, so that children and adults have time to adapt, especially to the new place.

Establishing firm foundations to face changes is an evolution that deserves to go slowly. The transition to a new room, a different crib or larger entertainment spaces are some tasks that should be subject to supervision.


3. Moving is better in summer

One of the best times or periods of the year when making moves easier is definitely during the summer due to the good weather and daylight hours that help to load/unload household belongings.

In addition to that, because they also mean “school holidays” and thus the rhythm of the course will not be interrupted, nor will the transfer of the move.

So if you intend to move, always try to do it during warmer and brighter climates.


4. Explain the changes to your children patiently

As they say, the basis of a good relationship is communication and that is what moving with children is all about. Explaining the changes to your children in advance and patience is a key point so that everything goes, as you want.

Never hide anything from children, on the contrary, teach them how to live, that is, show them what will happen in the next few days, why the decision to move was made, and the reason or motive for having a new house.

Remember that your children are also part of any decision you make. Despite the material and emotional changes, the union always has to be wrapped in love.


5. Hire a moving company

To make transitions with children, it is often worth hiring a responsible and trustworthy moving company such as ONLINE MOVERS & STORAGE because it will make the process more bearable so that you can dedicate time to the demands of the little ones of the house.For example, preventing them from seeing belongings taken from their favorite place may be disturbing, for this reason, we recommend seeking an agency that helps in these cases to pack, load and unload personal items. In this way, it will be easier to see things simply in another place.