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You Need to Know when Moving from Naples to Miami Beach

When you say Miami Beach, all you think about is a wonderful beach and an ocean breeze. However, if you are moving from Naples to Miami Beach, things can get a bit spicy. Unless you book some moving services Miami offers, relocating from one place to a completely different one might be hard. Although the distance is only 206 km, and you are only 2 hours away from Miami Beach, don’t get too excited! There are several things you should know before you actually embark on that 2-hour journey. How much do you actually know about Miami Beach? Read more to get the latest tips and insights.

Both cities are expensive, but Miami Beach takes a lead

Naples is known for its upscale living and affluent residents. The cost of living here is relatively high, with a median household income of around $90,000. Everything from groceries, gas, and transportation is expensive in Naples. However, if you are moving because you want to have lower costs, then Miami Beach is not a good choice. Miami Beach is a bustling city with a mix of residents. The cost of living is slightly higher than in Naples, with a median household income of about $100,000. However, it’s worth noting that while some areas are very upscale, there are also more affordable neighborhoods. While you carefully explore them and the cost of living in MB, let some of the movers Miami Beach has to offer deal with other moving tasks. This way, you will not be late with any of the moving technicalities.
people driving bikes in Miami Beach
Moving from Naples to Miami Beach requires a higher housing budget.

Your home will be luxurious, but…

Yes, housing in Miami Beach is expensive. But you will have a chance to enjoy beautiful homes that are not only luxurious but also comfortable and close to the beach. Here is a brief comparison. The median home value in Naples is around $400,000. Renting a two-bedroom apartment can cost you approximately $1,500 per month. However, Miami Beach’s real estate is diverse. The median home value is about $500,000, but this can vary widely depending on the neighborhood. Rent for a two-bedroom apartment averages around $2,200 per month. Star Island and Fisher Island are among the most expensive neighborhoods in Miami Beach. If you are looking for a mix of old condos and mid-century homes, then you may opt for North Beach or Normandy Islands.

Moving from Naples to Miami Beach means having a good education

Both Naples and Miami Beach offer excellent opportunities for education. Naples boasts some of the best schools in Florida, with a strong emphasis on academic excellence. The student-to-teacher ratio is favorable, ensuring personalized attention. However, Miami Beach is more diverse in terms of education. It offers a wide range of schools, from public to private. While there are excellent educational institutions, it’s important to research and find the best fit for your children. Some of the best schools to pay attention to are:
  • North Beach Elementary School
  • Miami Beach Senior High School
  • Mater Beach Academy
  • St. Patrick Catholic School
A family packing before moving from Naples to Miami Beach
If you decide to settle in Miami Beach, you will not have to worry about your kids’ education.

There are plenty of jobs for everyone

If you are moving your business or are in search of a better job opportunity, Miami Beach might be a perfect fit. Naples is primarily known for its tourism, real estate, and healthcare sectors. Job opportunities are somewhat limited compared to larger cities. This is one of the greatest reasons why many people decide to hire residential movers Miami offers and move to Miami Beach. On the other hand, being a larger city, Miami Beach offers a broader range of job opportunities in sectors like tourism, finance, entertainment, and more. What is more, there is an excellent commuting system that will take you to work in a short time, despite the busy streets.


Naples is generally considered a safe city with a low crime rate. However, like any city, it’s always good to be cautious and aware of your surroundings. Miami Beach, being a larger area, has higher possibilities for crimes, but it’s also a safe place to live. For instance, while areas like South Pointe and North Beach are generally considered safe with well-lit streets and regular police patrols, there have been occasional reports of petty crimes, especially in more tourist-heavy zones. Ocean Drive, known for its vibrant nightlife, can sometimes see higher instances of pickpocketing or minor disturbances, especially during peak tourist seasons. Research each neighborhood carefully if you are planning to move to Miami Beach with the help of moving companies Naples FL has to offer.
palm trees during sunset
Miami Beach is a wonderful destination for those who like nature and beaches.

You will love the beach and the oceanfront!

Naples offers a laid-back, serene environment. It’s perfect for those who prefer a quieter, more relaxed pace of life. However, many people want to be a part of a larger area and enjoy a wonderful beach life while being close to major amenities. Unlike Naples, Miami Beach is vibrant and bustling. From the lively nightlife to the diverse cultural events, there’s always something happening. It’s ideal for those who thrive in a dynamic environment. There are many tourists all year long, and there is a chance you will make many international friends. If you want to have a day filled with adventures, here are some famous attractions to visit:
  • Art Deco Historic District: A visual treat, the Art Deco Historic District showcases Miami Beach’s iconic architectural style with its pastel-colored buildings and vintage charm.
  • Ocean Drive: Lined with bustling cafes, vibrant nightlife, and classic Art Deco architecture, Ocean Drive is the heartbeat of Miami Beach’s social scene.
  • South Pointe Park: Overlooking the ocean, South Pointe Park provides a serene escape with its lush greenery, walking paths, and panoramic views of the Miami skyline and cruise ships.
  • The Bass Museum of Art: Celebrating contemporary art, The Bass Museum of Art features innovative exhibitions and educational programs in a historic Art Deco space.
  • Miami Beach Botanical Garden: A tropical oasis in the heart of the city, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden boasts a rich collection of subtropical plants, tranquil ponds, and themed gardens.

Moving to Miami Beach is a dream come true!

Moving from Naples to Miami Beach is a shift from quiet luxury to lively diversity. Both cities have their unique charm, and the choice ultimately depends on personal preferences. Whether you’re seeking the calm of Naples or the excitement of Miami Beach, both cities promise a life full of opportunities and experiences. Don’t wait any longer! Pack your bags and head to the beach!