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How to Pack Your Appliances for a Move

One of the things that most worries us when we are going to make a move is the way in which we are going to move microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, for example. That is why we want to teach you how to pack your appliances for a move.

Hiring a moving company and transporting your personal belongings is not always that easy. It deserves planning, effort, care and a particular organization.

When we refer to large, bulky, expensive and delicate objects that work as an assistant at home during our routine, they require that they be attended by professionals who manage to load and unload properly on the day of the move.

That is why we will give you some tips so that this task is not complicated for you the day you have to make the move and you know how to pack your electronic devices.

Do not want your electronic equipment to be damaged during the move? Online Movers & Storage has a handbook with special recommendations for you to store your appliances and prevent accidents in the moving process. 

Guide: How to pack your appliances for a move

1. How to save a television for a move?

Televisions are very delicate devices that need to be packed with great care; a good idea would be to place a notice on the box that says, “fragile” so that those responsible for loading and unloading are always alert.

However, before that, you need to disconnect all the wiring from the back, put it in a package and mark it with tape.

If the TV has been mounted on a platform, remove the support in advance and disassemble to avoid possible damage in the moving trip. Also protect the screen from scratches and bumps with a soft material that manages to cushion any accident, you can use bubble wrap, thick blankets, newspaper, among others.

If you have the original box. Perfect! Do not forget to clean the back of the television, as it serves as maintenance and extends its useful life.

2. How to store a fridge for a move?

The refrigerator becomes a heavy object, but at the same time, it is delicate and requires good care when transporting.

Refrigeration professionals who take care of the mechanical part of the refrigerator always recommend unplugging the refrigerator in plenty of time so it can completely defrost and dry before getting on the moving truck. Note: Always require that the refrigerator be upright or vertical inside the truck.

Pack each compartment individually wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap specifically. They are the best materials for moving that really protect personal property.

Keep the accessories in a special box; avoid it inside the fridge to avoid damage. The exterior can also be protected using blankets or cardboard.

Of course, wait about 8 or 10 hours before connecting it again in your new home, because after the trip, the coolants moved and to prevent damage to the refrigerator, it is preferable to be patient.

3. How to move a washing machine?

Keep in mind that the washer or washing machine, in the same way, is a super necessary tool to keep your clothes clean more easily. For this reason, its care deserves to be delicate.

Try not to use it at least 2 days before the move; this will help the interior area and components to dry. While you comply with that first rule, you can disconnect hoses and store them in a bag marked with the names of the different tools.

To reduce the movement of the washing machine tub, it is recommended to introduce pillows or some element that does not leave the tub loose during the journey.

Never forget to ask help to move it or hire a staff specialized in loading and unloading bulky objects.

Bonus to pack your appliances with make a move

When you have to store large electronic devices, do not forget to include the full service in the moving contract to avoid stress and any problems on the day of assembly.

Placing an additional protection between each device and padding between the gaps to avoid possible bumps, scratches, deterioration, which may affect their operation, is one of the bonus recommendations that you cannot ignore.

To better organize your move, you should mark the boxes with everything it contains inside and specify when it is a “fragile material”. Therefore, they can take special care when accommodating them in the truck.

Interested in hiring a moving company? Online Movers & Storage has all the necessary products and services. For more information, you can contact the following phone number: 305 539 0553 or write to the corporate email: [email protected]