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How to Safely Pack Items in Cardboard Boxes

Moving can be one of those projects that can easily stress us out, starting from the very first steps that include the safe packing of your goods, and that is why we are here to help make the process that much easier.

The most common presentation in which cardboard boxes for moves come are four sides and two sets of flaps on the top and bottom, and depending on the use that we are going to give it, and the weight that is going to be loaded, various types of closures can be applied to guarantee the security of what they keep.

We want to recommend a series of tips that can help you pack cardboard boxes safely and efficiently, so that all your things arrive safely at their new destination.

To keep your things safe, use the right supplies and in an amount, that ensures peace of mind that the process goes smoothly. This is what you will need to pack for a move:

– Cardboard boxes or plastic containers.

– Wrapping paper to wrap fragile items

– Bubble wrap for added protection.

– Packing tape

– Permanent marker to label bags and boxes

Now with all the materials, it is time to get down to work, starting first to secure the bottom of the boxes since these must support the weight of the objects to be moved, for this, the following types of folding can be done for bottom flaps of packing boxes.


In this closure, the bottom flaps are closed by folding one over the other and it is used to reinforce the packaging of delicate or very heavy products; it can hold up to 5 pounds.


For this closure, the flaps are folded as in the previous case, but now we include a strip of packing tape that works as a reinforcement that helps prevent the box from opening during the transport process. We tested this type of closure starting with 10 pounds, up to 140 pounds, at which point the box could not be lifted correctly.


On this closure the flaps meet fully in the center, this closure was also, weight tested and supported 140lbs. In other words, do not bother wasting time folding the box and safely turn to that handy tool of packing tape.

When using the packing tape, we must always make sure that it is well adhered to our box. To do this, after having applied it, you can go over it with your hands, in this way you will ensure that no surface is separated from the packaging box. It is important to do this to avoid getting air between the packaging and the tape that could cause it to come unstuck.

Once we have done this process, we will turn the box around. It is then when we must introduce the objects that we want to pack. Then, we will label it and finally we will close it.

To close the packing boxes, we will resort to packing tape again, closing the lids and first making sure that everything inside is compactly placed, and applying the tape symmetrically on the upper flaps, also checking with the hand of that it is well attached and without air entering the surface between the box and the tape.

One very important thing to also take into account is the quality of the boxes, which are adapted to your needs; so that when packing your valuables you can have peace of mind that, they are well protected during the moving process.

In the same way, if you want to save yourself the packing process, you can leave that in our professional hands since we also offer the packing service, with a variety of plans depending on your needs.

And if you are now thinking of making a contract in the next few days, you can contact us at the number (305) 6768389 or, Online Movers & Storage will be ready to help you.

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