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Essential Steps to Get a Quote from a Moving Company

When booking a moving company, whether it is for your home or office, you will need to do your research and seek quotes from different companies to ensure you are getting the best deal. Here, we will show you how to quote moving companies.

Agencies are expected to price their features based on the category, experience, and variety of services they offer in a common package.

The most important thing when directly comparing quotes is to be careful when deleting or discarding the quotes you receive, as going for the cheapest in an attempt to save money is not always the wisest decision.

For this reason, we want to help you choose the best option by following some tips and fundamental items that you must take into account when the time comes to book. 

How to quote a move in an easier way?

To make a quote in an easier way, you need to be clear about some rules. For this reason, we have some important tips for you, below:


1. Identify the moving company

One of the first steps to follow to make a move is to know your budget from top to bottom with all the relevant calculations for each service. By knowing this information you will know which company to choose and which one suits you best according to your needs.


2. Request a quote

Once you are certain of the items you want to move, the packaging materials you have to use, insurance coverage, among other factors to have a successful move, you can request a quote according to your ability to pay.


3. Clear and precise information

To obtain a clear and precise reference, it is essential to go to a qualified company, which has both experience and skills in moving (long and / or short) to deliver all the details of transfers, insurance. The value will depend on elements that are among your plans and that you have not taken into account.


What are the items you should take into account when making a quote?

  • The services they provide

You must take into account that the more services you require from the moving company, the more expensive your quote will be, that is, if it includes specialized assistance that has suitable packaging or an exclusive machine to move heavy items, for example, the value of the quote will be increased.

However, be sure to also check what is included within the services you are quoted for, that way you may be able to find some cheaper and more basic ones.

  • Items you plan to move

All quotes are based on the size or number of items that need to be moved on moving day.

  • The number of promoters who help

On the day of the move, an administrator can inform about the professionals and machinery that they intend to use in your home to load and unload personal belongings in the new place of residence.

Quotes can be more expensive because they include more tasks.

  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture

Moving companies usually arrange everything, but often it only includes packing services. For this reason, we recommend that you certify the type of services that are offered for the day of the transfer.

  • Insurance coverage

It is always advisable to make sure about what the moving company’s insurance does or does not cover. Some agencies allow you to organize your own policy with the aim of including what is extremely important to you, that is, everything that counts as necessary within the planning that has been structured to make the transfer.

Asking the costs of the different services included in the insurance is one of the things you have to resort to in the first instance.

When booking your contract with a moving company, keep in mind that maintaining much more exact control over the values of products and services offered will be an advantage. This way you can make the best decision.

And if you are now thinking of making a contract in the next few days, you can contact us through the number 305 539 0553 or  [email protected]Online Movers & Storage will be ready to help you.