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How Much Do In-Home Furniture Movers Cost?

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While moving might seem stressful, time-consuming, and exhausting, using a well-established moving company might just come in and save the day. On average, hiring an in-home moving company can cost between $900 and $2500, depending on the company and state. As professionals in the moving industry, we know that regardless of background or location, moving is one area everyone experiences at some point in their lifetime. Hiring movers is an excellent way to make your move less stressful. While the average cost of hiring furniture movers is around $2,000, these rates typically apply to local moves. Additionally, long-distance moves, packing up items, and other factors can increase the price. As you continue reading below, our guide will dive into how much furniture movers cost in South Florida and surrounding areas.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Hiring Furniture Movers

There are no two houses that are the same, which means moving costs will differ and one size doesn’t fit all. Typically, it’s easy for a homeowner to acquire a moving quote that can be customized based on the number of rooms, distance, and the number of items belonging to the homeowner. Below are the factors that can affect the cost of hiring furniture movers.

1. Travel Costs & Moving Fees

For moving distances that are shorter than one hundred miles, a homeowner may be able to obtain a moving quote over the phone. Since the moving distances are shorter and can provide more accessible estimations, some furniture movers may offer a flat flee instead of charging by mile. Hiring furniture movers for moving more than one hundred miles can add to costs because of time, fuel, and mileage. While each company varies, we estimate that the average price of moving locally can be anywhere from $900 to $2500, and the average cost of long-distance moving can average between $2700 and $10,000.

2. Size of the Home

If moving from one apartment to another, a renter may have fewer items that aren’t as heavy to move. We can say that this will reduce the total cost of the move since most of what is packaged is in boxes. However, a homeowner moving a three-bedroom house can take longer to pack and move items. Larger homes also require larger moving trucks to transport belongings and furniture. Below are the average costs for a move by the number of bedrooms a home has.
  • One bedroom – Up to $1.500
  • Two bedrooms – Up to $2.700
  • Three bedrooms – Up to $3.800
  • Four bedrooms – Up to $5,200
  • Five bedrooms – Up to $6,500

3. Moving Truck Type & Size

One of the most significant factors that we can say will affect the cost of furniture movers is the moving truck and the size you need. Obtaining a small moving truck will cost you less than a larger truck, as it requires less storage and less fuel. Depending on the size of the home, a homeowner may need two moving trucks or a full-size trailer.

4. Cost of Labor

For most furniture movers, it’s expected to be charged by the hour, with average costs sometimes ranging up to $160 per hour with 2 professional movers. While most moves require more than two movers, homeowners can expect to pay up to $240 per hour to move the belongings of an apartment. Larger homes can cost a homeowner up to $320 per hour.

5. Access

When calculating an estimate, another factor we must mention is accessibility. This estimate is calculated on how much access the movers have to your home or apartment. If a mover needs to transport items up and down flights of stairs, moving heavy furniture items can take longer, adding more costs to the bill.

Additional Costs of Hiring Furniture Movers

Even if a homeowner thinks they know what the cost will be to move, there are sometimes hidden costs that may need to be considered. Hiring a full-service furniture mover can take care of every step of the moving process. In addition, some belongings, such as large pianos, will require a professional with the experience and skill to move. When determining the cost of furniture movers, we recommend looking at these factors to see which ones apply to your situation.
  • Packing & Unpacking – Many homeowners enjoy the convenience of having movers pack up their items. Movers typically charge an additional fee to pack belongings, as well as unpacking boxes once you’ve reached your destination.
  • Tips – One of the reasons many people hire furniture movers is to make moving easier. One way to show you appreciate a job well done is by tipping, so consider adding tips costs to your total estimation.
  • Liability Coverage – One benefit we must mention of hiring furniture movers is that they typically apply liability coverage to all belongings. With this, items don’t have full coverage, so homeowners may need to add additional insurance if they have valuable belongings to move. Before hiring, ask your moving service about extra insurance coverage.

Why Choose Online Movers and Storage?

With Online Movers and Storage, we make your stress and moving our top priority. As one of the leading furniture movers in South Florida, we know the emotional and physical burden moving can have on homeowners. For families and professionals residing in Miami, our team of professionals offers a wide range of comprehensive services for your specific needs. Known as being one of the most trusted online movers in the area, we provide transparent moving quotes for every move. Our team of furniture movers knows the challenges that are faced for small and large moving trips. At Online Movers and Storage, we strive to make your move hassle-free, providing you with a smooth and stress-free moving experience. Some of our premier services include:
  • Hourly services
  • Partial Packing
  • Full Packing
  • White-Glove
  • Supreme Experience
Our family-owned movers have over 25 years of moving experience and are fully licensed and insured as a Miami moving service. Make your move to South Florida a walk in the park, and contact us for a free quote today!

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