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Located in the heart of Little Havana on Calle Ocho, Domino Park is a hidden gem. Locals flock here to watch older Cuban men play dominoes and socialize in this small neighborhood park.

Visitors are welcome to sit outside and watch the action, but cannot play themselves. Afterward, they can head across the street to Azucar Ice Cream Company for Cuban and tropical flavors. See our home page.


A small corner in the heart of Miami’s quintessential Cuban neighborhood, Domino Park is a reminder of the value of friendship and simple pleasures. It also gives visitors an opportunity to experience a part of the local culture and tradition in a safe and friendly environment.

Located on the corner of SW 8th Street (Calle Ocho) and 15th Avenue across from Tower Theater, Domino Park has been a popular gathering place for older Cuban immigrants for more than 35 years. The community gathers to play dominoes, chess, and checkers while discussing local politics and drinking Cuban coffee.

The clinking of the dominoes and the laughter of the players create a lively ambiance that is unique to this cultural spot. It’s a scene that you will never see anywhere else in the world!


Domino Park is located in the heart of Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood and offers visitors a unique cultural experience. The park is home to older Cuban immigrants who gather here to socialize, drink coffee, and play dominoes. The clinking sound of the dominoes and the aroma of cigars add to the ambiance.

The official name of the park is Maximo Gomez Park, but locals know it as Domino Park. It was built by the City of Miami in 1976 and is a popular gathering place for the community’s older residents. It is small and has a number of tables where the older residents play a game of dominoes.

There are a number of markets and shops nearby that sell traditional Cuban foods, fresh produce, and souvenirs. Check it out here.

Getting There

If you’re looking for a truly authentic Miami experience, there’s no better place than Little Havana. Strolling Calle Ocho will leave you in awe of the neighborhood’s rhythmic music scene, savory cuisine, and—of course—its colorful domino park.

This famous cultural landmark is located at the corner of SW 8th Street (Calle Ocho) and 15th Avenue and is open from 9 AM – 6 PM daily. It’s here that local retired residents socialize over coffee and play intense domino games.

Domino Park is easily accessible via public transportation, with many options available to get you there including the Miami trolley and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. For those with their own vehicles, there’s also ample parking available in the surrounding area. Regardless of how you choose to get there, be sure to plan ahead and arrive with plenty of time to spare to see everything the park has to offer.

Things to Do

Domino Park is the place to be if you want to enjoy the true Cuban culture. It is a must-see attraction when visiting Little Havana. There are many things to do at Domino Park, from watching old-timers play dominos to eating delicious ice cream.

Maximo Gomez Park, or Domino Park, is located at SW 8th Street (Calle Ocho) and 15th Avenue in Miami. It is a popular spot for retired Cubans to socialize and spend time playing dominoes.

The park has a unique setup with domino-decorated tiled walkways and benches. It also has an artistic mural that depicts the presidents of the United States. In addition, the park is home to a Domino Club, which is open for anyone to join. It is a great way to meet the locals and learn more about their culture.


Domino Park is a hidden gem in the heart of Miami’s Little Havana district. It’s where locals come to socialize and sip Cuban coffee while playing dominoes. The games are serious and exciting to watch, with authentic Latin energy and competitive banter. While you can’t play at the park unless you’re a member, you can visit and soak in the lively atmosphere.

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With the reopening of Domino Park, Miami is seeing an increase in tourism. A manager at a nearby guayabera said his sales have increased 30 percent since the park reopened. Continue reading the next article.


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