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All you need to know before moving to Golden Beach

Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Golden Beach

Moving to Golden Beach, Florida is both exciting and requires careful planning. Known for its beautiful beaches, high-end homes, and exclusive social scene, this coastal area offers a great lifestyle. When you’re relocating, especially to such a wealthy area, it’s important to plan well to make the move go smoothly. Using moving and storage Miami residents often choose becomes important, making it easier to take care of and move your belongings. As we explore what makes this town special, you’ll find that moving to Golden Beach can be a really enjoyable experience!

What are some of the most important points to consider when moving to Golden Beach?

If you are moving to Golden Beach from a distant place, you probably have a lot of things on your mind. And we can’t blame you! Each move is unique, and it is better not to take anything for granted. The most important thing to do before the move is- get ready! Whether you hire some of the movers Golden Beach residents trust or prefer a DIY move, the essence of your relocation is the same. Here are some of the key points to consider before you relocate to Golden Beach:
  • Cost of living
  • Housing options
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • Weather
  • Amenities near you
Of course, there are plenty of other things you should have in mind. However, if you carefully study the points mentioned above, your relocation will be much easier to handle.
a couple packing before moving to Golden Beach
Before moving to Golden Beach, it’s important to gather as much information about the area as you can.

The cost of living in Golden Beach is a bit higher than Miami’s average

Golden Beach is famous for its affluent residential community and pristine beaches. The cost of living here is notably high, reflecting its luxurious ambiance and exclusive amenities. Utilities, including electricity, heating, cooling, and water, can cost around $200 per month, depending on usage and home size. Groceries tend to be pricier than the national average, with a basic meal out at a mid-range restaurant potentially costing upwards of $50 per person. Transportation costs can vary, with gasoline prices fluctuating around $3 per gallon. Residents often opt for personal vehicles, though some prefer public transportation, which can cost approximately $2.25 per ride or $112 for a monthly pass. It is a good idea to calculate and get straight with your budget before moving. While you are doing that, some of the local movers Miami residents recommend can be in charge of your moving tasks.

Make sure you find the right housing options

The housing market in Golden Beach is characterized by luxury, with many properties boasting oceanfront views and opulent designs. The rental market is tight, with high demand and limited availability. Average rent prices can range significantly based on property size and location, with a median rent of around $3,500 per month. However, luxury properties can demand much higher rates. Purchasing property comes with a hefty price tag, with median home values exceeding $3 million. Prospective buyers and renters should be prepared for a competitive market. Moreover, they may benefit from engaging a local real estate agent or hiring some of the residential movers Miami provides. This way, they will navigate the complexities of securing housing, as well as relocate there with ease. Your only task will be to explore different housing options while your movers are handling everything.
House with a garage for sale in Miami
Golden Beach offers amazing opportunities for living. Luxurious homes are very popular among buyers and owners.

Your children will love the education system in Golden Beach

Education in Golden Beach is held in high regard, with access to several top-rated public and private schools. The public schools are part of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools district, which is the fourth-largest school district in the United States. Tuition fees for private institutions can vary widely, with some elite schools charging upwards of $30,000 per year. The quality of education is generally considered excellent. Schools in and around Golden Beach often boast high academic achievement, a variety of extracurricular activities, and robust college preparatory programs. Parents prioritize education, and the community supports numerous initiatives aimed at enhancing learning opportunities for all students. If this seems like a good opportunity, then start packing your bags! You have plenty of time to unpack your stuff later. Or you can simply hire some of the best furniture movers Miami citizens pair up with to put your belongings in the right place.

Golden Beach offers excellent healthcare for everyone

Healthcare services in Golden Beach and its surrounding areas are robust, with access to numerous hospitals, clinics, and specialty medical centers. The United States operates on a mixed healthcare system, with private health insurance playing a pivotal role in accessing services. Residents typically secure health insurance through employers, the marketplace, or private brokers, with monthly premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums varying widely based on plan selection. Quality of care is generally high, with access to specialists and advanced medical technologies. However, it’s crucial to note that without comprehensive insurance, healthcare can be notably expensive, particularly for specialized or emergency services. If you are a senior, you need to be informed about special healthcare programs for seniors. Let some senior movers in Miami recommends complete your moving technicalities while you do thorough research.
A group of doctors walking down the hall
Moving to Golden Beach means having access to excellent healthcare.

Golden Beach boasts good job opportunities

Golden Beach, while primarily residential, offers employment opportunities largely in the service, real estate, and retail sectors, given its affluence and tourist appeal. The prevalent industries include hospitality, real estate, and healthcare, with additional opportunities in nearby Miami. This boasts a diverse and dynamic job market. Average salaries in Golden Beach can be skewed by a high net-worth demographic, but generally, wages align with the elevated cost of living. Employment seekers may find opportunities in both full-time and part-time roles, though it’s worth noting that the competitive job market may necessitate a comprehensive search and potentially, flexibility regarding position and industry. Another good feature of Golden Beach is that it is an excellent destination for establishing your own office and other private businesses. Furthermore, if you need to relocate your business to Golden Beach, you can do that with the help of office movers Miami citizens rely on.

If you are looking for good transportation options, Golden Beach is the place to be!

Transportation in and around Golden Beach can be a bit tricky to handle. Residents mostly use a combination of personal vehicle use and public transportation options. The Miami-Dade Transit system provides bus services that connect Golden Beach to neighboring areas. A single ride costs around $2.25 and various pass options are available for frequent commuters. Personal vehicle ownership is common, with residents prioritizing the convenience and flexibility it offers. However, this comes with associated costs, including insurance, maintenance, and fuel. These costs can be considerable given the premium gasoline prices in the area. Additionally, traffic and parking can be challenging, particularly during the tourist season, necessitating patience and potentially alternative transportation planning.
man using card to enter city subway gate
Golden Beach offers great transportation options.

You will enjoy beautiful weather all year long

The charming town of Golden Beach enjoys a tropical monsoon climate, providing a warm, sun-drenched setting that’s popular among both residents and visitors. Summers are notably hot and humid, with temperatures often soaring into the 90s°F. However, the winters provide a delightful contrast with their milder, more temperate conditions, generally oscillating between the 60s and 70s°F. Amidst this constant warm weather, moving can be a sweaty and strenuous endeavor, particularly during the peak heat. Thus, employing white glove movers Miami offers becomes an invaluable choice for those relocating to Golden Beach. They are ensuring that the transportation of belongings is executed with utmost care, precision, and professionalism, regardless of the sultry weather conditions. This allows new residents to transition smoothly, immersing themselves into their new sunlit, seaside environment with ease and assurance.

There are plenty of things to do and see

Golden Beach, with its serene oceanfront and luxurious ambiance, offers a range of activities and places to visit that cater to both relaxed and adventurous spirits. Here’s a detailed list of things to do and places to explore in and around this opulent Floridian haven:
  • Beach Days: Spend leisurely days soaking up the sun on the pristine, private beaches of Golden Beach.
  • Water Sports: Engage in various water activities such as jet-skiing, paddleboarding, and boating.
  • Cycling: Explore the scenic surroundings by cycling along the Golden Beach’s picturesque pathways.
  • Spa Days: Indulge in a day of pampering and relaxation at one of the many luxurious spas in and around Golden Beach.
  • Dining: Experience fine dining at upscale restaurants offering a range of culinary delights.
  • Shopping: Explore high-end boutiques and shops located in the vicinity for a premium shopping experience.
A dog sleeping on the beach
You will love the wonderful beaches and amazing sights in Golden Beach. It is a perfect destination for outdoor lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Places to visit

If you want to get the best of Golden Beach, there are some unique destinations to visit and enjoy yourself. Golden Beach is the perfect blend of beaches and vibrant places. Here are some great places to visit after you move to Golden Beach:
  • Luxury Mansions: While respecting privacy, take a stroll to admire the architectural magnificence of the luxury mansions dotting the shoreline.
  • Aventura Mall: A nearby luxury shopping destination, offering a plethora of brands, dining options, and entertainment.
  • Art Deco Historic District: Explore the iconic architecture and vibrant nightlife of this renowned Miami Beach area.
  • The Ancient Spanish Monastery: Visit this historic monastery that offers a glimpse into medieval Spanish architecture.
  • Everglades National Park: Embark on an adventurous day trip to explore the unique ecosystem, wildlife, and landscapes of the Everglades.
  • Pérez Art Museum Miami: Engage with contemporary and modern art from the 20th and 21st centuries at this renowned museum.
  • Hard Rock Stadium: Catch a game or concert at this prominent venue, home to the Miami Dolphins.
  • Gulfstream Park: Enjoy horse racing, casino, shopping, and dining at this vibrant entertainment destination.

Why do people move to Golden Beach?

Golden Beach is synonymous with an exclusive and private living experience. The town is known for its secluded ambiance, providing residents with a tranquil and private environment. This is particularly appealing to high-profile individuals and those seeking a serene lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle. Moreover, Golden Beach is often praised for its safety and the effectiveness of its local police department. The town’s commitment to ensuring the security of its residents is a strong attractor for families and individuals alike. Finally, despite its secluded feel, Golden Beach is conveniently located near various amenities and attractions. High-end shopping, exquisite dining, and cultural attractions in nearby areas like Miami and Fort Lauderdale provide residents with ample opportunities for entertainment and leisure.
people walking on the beach during the sunset
With plenty of wonderful things to do in Golden Beach, having an amazing time is guaranteed.

Living in Golden Beach is a dream come true!

Golden Beach emerges as a haven for luxury, privacy, and serene living. It offers a distinctive lifestyle that balances lavishness with calmness. From the meticulously curated landscapes of its luxurious properties to the gentle lapping of the ocean against its pristine, private beaches, it stands as proof of a life where exclusivity and accessibility come together. Residents find comfort in its secure, tight-knit community, while also indulging in the vibrant cultural, dining, and shopping experiences available in the nearby vivacious locales of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The decision to move to Golden Beach often comes from the desire for a life that combines the peace of private beach living with the energy of a culturally diverse city setting. Therefore, if you are moving to Golden Beach now, you should know it is the best decision ever!