TV Installation Services

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Flat screen mounted TVs are no small investment. While the wall mount typically stays with the home because it’s considered a fixture, the TV will still need to be moved. One slip or wrong movement can cost you hundreds of dollars in damage to the TV, mount and/or the wall. That’s why our movers take extreme care when handling mounted televisions. Hiring our professional TV installers  to take care of the job for you is a good way to protect your TV investment.

TV Mounting & Installation Services

When looking for a TV installation service, it’s important that you know that Online Movers has the expertise, pricing, and customer service you need. Some factors to consider when choosing our TV installation services:

– Experienced and qualifications of the technicians

– Pricing and availability of services

– Range of services offered, including mounting, cabling, and calibration

– Warranty and customer support policies

– Reviews and ratings from past customers

If you had a professional install the mount and TV for you or everything was already in place when you moved in it’s a good idea to hire someone to help get the TV out of the mount as well. Trying to handle equipment you aren’t familiar with is asking for trouble.

When you want assurance that a mounted TV will be taken down, packed up and loaded safely we’re the company to call.