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Move Your Business with Our Commercial Moving Services

Planning a smooth commercial move in Miami? Look no further than Online Movers & Storage your trusted ally for professional, efficient, and reliable commercial moving and storage services. Whether it’s your office, industrial facility, or commercial goods, our team has you covered from packing and loading to transportation, unloading, and unpacking. We’re dedicated to ensuring your business relocation is not just swift but stress-free, enabling your team to seamlessly resume work.

Experience excellence with our experienced commercial moving team and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from choosing the best commercial movers in Miami. With us, your move is in capable hands, and your business is set to hit the ground running on its first day in the new location. Trust Online Movers & Storage for a hassle-free commercial move tailored to your needs.

Move Your Business with Our Commercial Moving Services

When it comes to commercial movers, Online Movers & Storage stands out for its commitment to excellence, expertise, and exceptional customer care. Move with ease with us, your trusted partners for a seamless business relocation.

Expertise You Can Trust: At Online Movers & Storage, our seasoned team is more than just movers – they are your partners in a successful commercial move. Our Pro-certified movers in Miami bring a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure a smooth relocation tailored to your business needs.
Exceptional Customer Care: Your satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated professionals and respectful movers are committed to delivering excellent customer service. From the initial consultation to the final setup, we prioritize your unique requirements for a stress-free experience.
Local Relocation Excellence: As Pro-certified Movers of Miami, we take pride in offering reliable local relocation services. Whether you are moving within the city or to a nearby town, our experienced commercial moving team is ready to manage with precision and efficiency.
Efficient and Safe Handling: Trust us to handle your office equipment with the utmost care. From computers and printers to network gear, fax machines, and copiers, we ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient transportation of all your assets.
Code of Ethics Compliance: Our Professional office movers staff undergoes a comprehensive moving training program, adhering to a strict code of ethics. You can trust that your move will be handled by professionals who prioritize integrity and excellence.

Our Expertise in Miami Commercial Moves

Our Experienced commercial moving team ensures a smooth transition for your business. We understand the importance of careful handling and efficient transportation of office equipment, furniture, and other items. With a focus on project management and planning, we collaborate with building managers, IT departments, and other stakeholders to guarantee a timely and well-coordinated move

Top-Quality Packing Solutions

Rely on our expertise for a secure and organized move. We offer an extensive selection of professional packing materials, ensuring the safety of your assets during transit. Our commitment to using high-quality packing materials underscores our dedication to the security and integrity of your office items.

Precision in Office Furniture Handling

Experience a smooth setup at your new location with our comprehensive office furniture handling services. Our team conducts thorough inspections and reconfigurations of all systems furniture, guaranteeing a hassle-free arrangement that mirrors your office layout.

Specialized Equipment Safeguarding

Rest easy knowing that we take special precautions for the transportation of specialized office equipment. Our focus is on ensuring a safe and secure move for these valuable assets, providing you with peace of mind during the relocation process.

A Three-Step Solution for Efficiency and Sustainability

Strategic Office Relocation Planning by Experienced Commercial Movers

Seamlessly plan your office move with our dedicated team of professional office movers. We understand the unique demands of business environments and ensure a stress-free transition. A skilled moving consultant addresses your specific needs, providing personalized services tailored to your business requirements.

Safe and Efficient Transportation with a Trusted Commercial Moving Company

Ensure the safety of your office assets with our comprehensive services. Our commercial moving company specializes in furniture wrapping, protecting items during transit. The disassembly and reassembly of large furniture are handled with expertise, saving time and hassle for your business. Our state-of-the-art trucks and moving equipment, operated by an experienced commercial moving team, guarantee secure and efficient transportation, utilizing cutting-edge technology to minimize any risk of damage.

Eco-Friendly Set-Up and Organization for Sustainable Commercial Moving

Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly packing supplies, appealing to environmentally conscious businesses. As a trusted commercial moving and storage service, we minimize the environmental impact of your move. Benefit from the delivery of packing supplies in advance, allowing your business to prepare at its own pace. Our comprehensive services include packing and unpacking labor, debris removal, and office organizing, ensuring a clean, clutter-free, and efficiently organized commercial space in your new location. Trust us for a strategic, safe, and sustainable commercial move.

Customized Moving Solutions: Personalized Services for Your Peace of Mind

Door to Door Professional & Trained Movers:
• Ensures a seamless and stress-free office relocation with skilled professionals handling every aspect from start to finish, ideal for business environments.

Furniture Wrapping:
• Protects office furniture from damage during transit, offering commercial clients peace of mind about the safety of their office assets.

Disassembly and Reassembly of Large Furniture:
• Saves time and hassle for businesses, especially for complex or bulky office items, ensuring everything is professionally set up at the new commercial location.

Loading & Unloading Labor:
• Reduces physical strain and risk of injury, providing a more efficient and safer moving process for commercial clients and their employees.

State of the Art Trucks & Moving Equipment:
• Ensures a secure and efficient move for business assets with the latest technology, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

Dedicated Moving Consultant:
• Offers personalized service for commercial moves, ensuring all business-specific needs and concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.


Eco-Friendly Packing Supplies:
• Appeals to environmentally conscious businesses, offering sustainable packing solutions that reduce the environmental impact of their move.

Delivery of Packing Supplies in Advance:
• Allows businesses to prepare and pack at their own pace before the move, leading to a more organized and efficient relocation process.

Packing Labor of All Office Goods::
• Ensures all commercial items, including delicate and breakable ones, are professionally packed, saving time and effort for the business.

Unpacking Labor:
• Helps businesses get operational in their new location quicker and more efficiently, reducing the downtime and post-move stress.

Debris Removal:
• Offers a clean and clutter-free commercial space after unpacking, enhancing the convenience and comfort for the business.

Office Organizing:
• Assists in creating a functional and organized office space in the new location, making the transition smoother and more efficient for the business.

Contact Us for Your Seamless Commercial Move

Ready to elevate your business relocation experience? Reach out to Online Movers Commercial moving and storage company in Miami, your trusted partner for commercial moving services. Our experienced team is here to address all your business-specific needs with precision and efficiency. Whether you have questions about our comprehensive moving solutions, want to discuss a tailored plan for your unique requirements, or need assistance scheduling your move, our dedicated professionals are ready to assist you.

Contact Information:

Online Movers & Storage Miami

Phone: +1 (305) 539-0553

Feel free to give us a call, and let us guide you through a seamless and stress-free commercial move. Your business’s success is our priority, and we look forward to being your trusted partner in this important transition.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Commercial Moving Services

What Type Of Moving Cartons Will You Provide?

We provide the best moving cartons, measuring between 1.5 and 2.0 cubic feet in volume to ensure safe handling during the packing stage.

How Will You Handle Our Desks?

We use Space GobblersTM to immobilize loose contents inside drawers for easy and efficient transport, minimizing downtime.


We use Space GobblersTM to immobilize loose contents inside draMasonite sheets protect the carpet, and special pads clamped in place shield door jambs, ensuring the integrity of the office building.wers for easy and efficient transport, minimizing downtime.


Our innovative methods ensure the safe relocation of file cabinets and desks without disturbing contents, providing 100% access before and after the move.

Are There Any Additional Requirements My Building Might Request For The Move?

All you need to do is have your building management fax over their building requirements to Online Movers & Storage, and we take care of the rest. They will let us know if there needs to be masonite to protect the floors, additional padding on the elevators or banisters, where to park our trucks, and any other building policy they may have.

How Do I Prepare Copiers To Be Moved?

It is best to check with the supplier. If you have a maintenance agreement, you should refer to it. If the copier is leased, your supplier may require that they relocate the machine. We work closely with your copier supplier to ensure a smooth and secure relocation.

What Provisions Do You Have For Emergencies, Such As Truck Breakdown, Elevator Failure Or The Need For Additional Men Or Equipment?

At Online’s Movers & Storage, we use the fast, safe, and efficient “floating” method for loading furniture onto the trucks, minimizing the risk of emergencies during transport. Our team is equipped to handle situations like truck breakdowns or the need for additional resources promptly and efficiently.

Nuestros clientes hablan por nosotros

Carmen LuisCarmen Luis
03:28 23 Jan 24
Excellent service, serious and responsible, very careful, Luis Miguel very good!
mariana perezmariana perez
08:09 20 Jan 24
Excellent service, 100% recommended. I was able to adjust my moving Horace with no problems. The staff was very careful and very professional. I would hire them again without thinking twice.
Liz P-RLiz P-R
16:46 05 Jan 24
Best company ever. Timely organized, care to detail, packing responsibly worth the rate
Tony GTony G
20:07 02 Jan 24
Excellent service. They professionally wrapped everything without charging extra for time. They had all the tools necessary to complete my move quickly. What i thought was going to take all day only took a couple hours. They are very attentive and always answer the phone 7 days a week. You can tell their movers have experience. Highly recommended!
Marvin EscobarMarvin Escobar
02:59 28 Dec 23
Great service provided by these guys! They moved fast but were also extremely cautious with furniture. After the move, they left all items as best organized as possible. They were polite and professional.
Dailyn PirezDailyn Pirez
20:12 15 Dec 23
Amazing movers!!! Luis, Dionis, Rafael, and Antonio were all very time efficient, organized, and careful with our furniture. Did a move in under 3 hours! Would definitely book again and recommend to a friend or family member. Thank you so much for your work!!!
Sergio CervantesSergio Cervantes
00:34 02 Oct 23
They are incredible! We called on a Saturday afternoon to book an emergency move for Sunday and they were there the next day at 9:00 am. AMAZING! No drama, exactly what we needed.The movers, Sergio, Lazaro and Roberto were THE BEST! Very professional and accommodating. The 3 of them were respectful and work like ants… the unstoppable team ???? We can not thank them enough.We’ve moved a lot in the last 20 years and this has been by far, our best experience. We’ll definitely book our next move with Online Movers and ask for Sergio, Lazaro and Roberto if they were available.They coordinators Laura and Fanny were also amazing and made this last minute moving possible.THANK YOU ALL!
Jeff AririguzoJeff Aririguzo
00:22 09 Sep 23
If I could give 10 stars, I’d give 15. These guys were exceptional, the most professional movers I have ever seen they made sure everything was meticulous and didn’t complain and had a smile on their face every guy for the entire two days. Amazing experience with Online Movers. I would highly highly recommend this team. Great staff great work great team amazing
Maria HillsMaria Hills
20:34 13 Sep 22
Ana is the best, she oversaw everything from start to finish and very very responsive. I’m amazed at how she’s always available regardless of what time I called…She’s very thorough and patient. And a shout out to the Operations Manager who came to the house to make sure everything goes well with the move. The 3 movers that was there were very professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
It’s never easy to find a good moving company. It’s almost impossible to find an amazing company. Well, Online Movers is it! I chose them because of their online reputation and they didn’t disappoint.Luis, Sergio, and Anthony did a fantastic job! I moved from Miami to Orlando and they were on time, got to Orlando even before I did, disassembled and reassembled everything, cleaned up, and everything was in perfect shape. I highly recommend them for all moving needs in or from South Florida! And to top it all off, there were no surprises with payment or hidden fees: I was charged what I was quoted.
D MikeD Mike
07:26 19 Aug 22
Darwin and his team were excellent! They covered all my furniture and took care to put everything in its place at the new house. I wont be using any other moving company from now on.Laura who was our contact from their office was also great. Thank you! I would highly recommend to anyone moving! Excellent job!
Johann AvenariusJohann Avenarius
16:17 19 Jul 22
Dionis and Carlos were fantastic! Extremely professional and hard working. They went above and beyond as our new apartment doesn't have elevators and we are on the 3rd floor!From start to finish they assisted in packing, breaking down furniture in our move out and setting everything back up on the move in.Laura who was our contact from their office was also great. Thank you! I would highly recommend to anyone moving! Excellent job!
Carolina IguinaCarolina Iguina
01:42 20 Jun 22
I’ve moved 3 times in Miami and this was BY FAR the best experience we’ve had. Great prices, quick quotes and always kept contact. The movers were very professional, punctual, and handled our things as if they were theirs. Everything was placed where we asked. Very pleased with the experience, actually surprised because we’ve always had an issue with moving companies before, and would definitely use them in the future.
Cristina FigarolaCristina Figarola
12:22 21 Apr 22
Timely, professional, efficient, and polite. They are fair priced and accommodating. Highly recommend them. Best of all, they are insured and have workers compensation which is crucial for communities with HOA’s. When they completed the job, they properly picked up everything . Wonderful experience!
Lesley Tai CaoLesley Tai Cao
15:54 15 Apr 22
Very thankful for the service provided from Online Movers, from booking the pick-up to finalizing the job. Everything went super smooth! Also want to thank Jose, Roberto and John, they were extremely efficient and careful with the moving. Will definitely contact them again if needed!
Emmanuelle PereiraEmmanuelle Pereira
20:57 06 Apr 22
I was dreading my move so much and we cannot thank Online Movers enough for such a smooth process, they truly took off so much weight off our shoulders. The crew took care of our things and made the move in a timely manner and the best part was that we did not even have to pack anything ourselves, they do it for you!Thank you online movers, will absolutely use again!
Teresa BabooramTeresa Babooram
14:42 06 Mar 22
I will definitely use them in the future. They are punctual, you can text Or call at anytime. If its after normal business hours they respond first thing in the morning. Very nice people and fair pricing!